How to Deliver a cloud-based search solution in less than four weeks!

Vodafone is a mobile telecommunications company that operated the Vodafone, ‘3’ and Crazy John’s brands in Australia. Online content and resources are delivered to customers via a number of websites with all content searchable via the Vodafone website.

The existing online search facility used to help new and existing customers find the information they needed presented a range of issues including:
  • Slow search response times
  • The lack of type-ahead strategies
  • Weak categorisation of search results
  • Lack of products displaying in keyword search results
  • Simple search terms delivering irrelevant results
  • Zero results displaying for attribute combinations
Vodafone engaged Immersive to evaluate their current search platform and identify a viable alternative. Immersive installed and configured a Proof of Concept (POC) to prove that Endeca was capable of crawling the Vodafone site content, delivering high quality search results and could be configured and installed within a short timeframe.
Endeca was installed on a cloud-based server supplied by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and was selected as the target site to be crawled. Based on the successful POC, Vodafone decided to proceed with the Endeca solution.

In less than four weeks, Immersive replaced the existing search engine with the Endeca search platform. Data from 11 public sites was ingested, indexed and packaged for presentation using the existing user interface.
The end-to-end deliver included:
  • Installation and configuration of Endeca on AWS
  • Pipeline design, scripting and search tuning
  • Testing and deployment
The new search platform helps users find the information they need faster using the same, familiar search interface. The search solution was delivered within a 4-week period enabling Vodafone to avoid multiple search platform licenses. An off-site team combined with a cloud-based hosting solution ensure a non-invasive and scalable implementation.