Research conducted on behalf of Victoria University had identified that many students felt a strong and overwhelming sense of uncertainty around choosing the right course. Many students have articulated that they do not have sufficient information to make the best decisions around what to study. This is especially true for school leavers who are asked to make important decisions regarding their future with relatively little experience.

It is reasonable to assert that students of all ages and backgrounds make decisions about their education based upon their own personal set of preferences, aspirations and anticipated outcomes. This was particularly true for Victoria University that has such a diverse student body.

Recent advances in technology, often described as ‘Big Data’ tools and techniques, have opened up new possibilities to provide students with tools that offer the next generation of user experience, engagement and opportunities to extend course-finding functionality into other areas such as career planning.

Victoria University’s existing course finder is well suited to students who already know what they want to do in terms of specific degree or area of study, however an opportunity exists to better assist those who do not.

Victoria University required a course finder application that will enable prospective students to search for courses according to different criteria and facet of information. A proof of concept was delivered where immersive provided an end-to-end hosted solution which ingests the Victoria University course material to enable students to navigate the courses according to different facets.

The course finder application provided faceted search and navigation on ATAR scores, areas of interest, target career, course title and other key dimensions. Immersive provisioned, configured and deployed the course finder application solution on Amazon Web Service (AWS).