Immersive is driven to make significant contributions to data-driven and business focused technology. Our capabilities are enhanced by a history of commercialising new technologies and providing inventive product development for technological ideas.

We have developed a rigorous process through both the delivery of clients’ software products and our own internal technology projects. We validate the market for solutions, and build the business case and product plan. We then enter development and establish a go-to-market strategy for delivery.

If you have a concept for a new piece of technology, or want to leverage one of our developed technologies, contact us today to get started. The future is a collaboration and we are dedicated to creating it alongside our valued clients and partners.

Some of the technology incubation projects Immersive has delivered includes:

  • Phone Analytics: gain insights from phone transactions
  • Lease Analytics: abstracts relevant information from lease documents and delivers to a handy dashboard
  • Sentiment: measure the sentiment from social media, emails and more.
  • Booking system: application to manage bookings, whether it be staff or products.