Immersive was engaged by Macquarie Leasing, which is a subsidiary of Macquarie Bank, to implement a lease information management dashboard solution. Macquarie Leasing specialises in asset finance for sole traders, small to medium enterprises and large businesses and enterprises; funding anything from a vehicle worth $20,000 to industrial machinery valued at more than $250,000.

The system that was required to be developed would index and crawl multiple data repositories across different technologies within Macquarie Leasing. This would be done via a single user interface. The data repositories included invoices held in worksites and shared folders and lease contracts.

The software development completed enabled the leasing clients of Macquarie to review and manage their leased assets within a single search interface. The benefit of this development was to increase the efficiency for the staff of Macquarie Leasing to search, discover and consume relevant information across these multiple data repositories.

As part of the engagement for this software development, Immersive provided the design and design document that detailed the development. Immersive’s strength lies not only in software development! We also created and styled the front end, including the user interface components of the lease management portal.

Some of the features of the final delivered application included:

  • Search box
  • Guided Navigation
  • Breadcrumb
  • Saved search capability
  • Dashboard landing page with “my assets” view and contracts
  • Data visualisation
  • Export reports to XLS and PDF formats
  • Expose search, analytical APIs as services
  • Alerts
  • Asset’s information update screen which was integrated with web services
  • The ability to view invoices from the source system
  • ACL
  • Support for desktop and mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows 7)
  • Audit trail of asset edit and login operation
  • Bulk and incremental data ingestion
  • Analytics (Admin only)
  • User management

This project required Immersive to design and implement a data ingestion regime, that included configuring crawling services and an ingestion pipeline. The solution design covered the application environment, hardware recommendations, data architecture and the user interface component design.