ING Direct followed a tender process to identify the best technology to enhance their online help and support systems with the aim of promoting, enabling and driving customer self-service. Oracle’s RightNow Cloud Service and Endeca was identified as the preferred technology and Immersive was chosen to partner with ING Direct to implement and configure the Oracle Endeca Guided Search Technology.

The delivery of the implementation of the Endeca Guided Search required Immersive to:

  • Install Endeca Guided Search software
  • Configure the software to work in ING Directs environment
  • CAS configuration to crawl Oracle RightNow knowledge base

The technical services that was provided to ING Direct to implement Endeca commenced with a data extract that was imported into Endeca’s MDEX Engine. Immersive designed the look and feel of the search results page for the RightNow knowledge base. This was tailored to suit the ING branding and style on the current ING .NET site.

In order to provide greater customer self-service, predictive text and auto-suggest was implemented when a customer inputs a search term in the search box from within any page on the website.

The website required a dynamic results page to display search results when a user inputs a search term in the search box from within any page on its website. The ING Direct search results page was customised to comply with the companies style guide and brand guidelines as part of the implementation by Immersive.

ING Direct had a need to include all content on the search results page that were related to the term that was entered to be presented as categories such as products, support, blogs, pdfs, documents and forms. The search results were required to be displayed even in the event the input text was spelled incorrectly.

The website search results needed to present related content using data ranking and biasing techniques within search results in an order based on the most viewed, most accessed, most relevant, age of documents.

With an understanding that user website behaviour can change over time, the search results needed to present information within search results dynamically and rankings should adjust accordingly based on trending content.

Immersive worked with the internal resources of ING Direct to seamlessly install and configure Endeca. We detailed the requirements of the application of the technology as they related to ING Directs need to deliver greater customer self-service.