Connecting millions of documents under a single search

The Department of Justice and Regulation is the Victorian Government's largest department. Immersive was tasked to implement a single search interface to scan an enormous amount of data, finding and delivering secure information with speed, accuracy and ease for staff members.


Like many large organisations, the Department of Justice and Regulation had information assets that were scattered multiple repositories utilising a range of platforms and technologies. Our initial assessment revealed:
  • 70,000 web pages on 60 external websites and intranet
  • 7,000,000 documents stored within a TRIM document management system
  • 21,000,000 emails and document attachments stored in Lotus Notes
  • 25,000,000 documents stored across shared network drives.
Finding the proper version of a document across these many locations was a difficult and time consuming task. Additional feedback from staff revealed a number of other problems specific to the Department of Justice such as:
  • Advanced search facilities for each platform were overly complex for new users
  • Information privacy controls had become exceedingly difficult to enforce.


Immersive had the opportunity to provide positive change in the experience and time management of Department of Justice staff. With an estimated 12% of employee time dedicated to search, the prospect of improvement meant a direct operation and financial benefit to the department.


Immersive implemented an enterprise search solution called Endeca Information Discovery. Endeca is capable of crawling and indexing multiple data repositories across different technologies.


The advantages of a new enterprise search solution were evident during initial presentations of the indexed data, which revealed the true extent of data duplication. These discoveries prompted a number of department-wide information management directives.
Staff members are now finding information faster due to the single search interface. The experience is better thanks to the vastly improved ability to search across structured and unstructured data intuitively.
The time savings provided by Endeca were proven early and continued to evolve over the course of each phase. Beyond benefiting the Department of Justice in terms of resources and operational gains the saved time also equates to a removal of user frustration. Staff members can now find the information they need quickly and easily, utilising big data to make big progress.