While most companies have become familiar with the concept of “big data”, the reality of enormous volumes of information held in disparate sources is still a daunting proposition. Immersive is well-equipped to turn data perils into unparalleled opportunities for positive change in your business.

Challenges Faced with Big Data Projects

The challenge with making sense of big data arises not from the amount of data but rather in creating solutions for combining diverse data sources. This is especially true when business requirements call for structured and unstructured data to work congruently.

Unstructured data lacks a frame of reference. Structured data is more recognisable, captured by businesses within familiar frameworks such as SQL databases. Discerning the most efficient way for these two types of data to interface and interact is a major aspect of the big data enigma.

Adding to the complexity of the big data riddle is the fact that much of the data available today is unstructured. Some estimates place the amount of unstructured data at 80% of all data, including social media, web content and emails.

Finally, your data stores may be growing by the day, hour or even minute depending on the type of business you're engaged in. There’s no better time than now to reign it in and turn your inoperative data into a means of further evolving your enterprise.

Your Big Data Partner

Immersive applies ingenuity and technology to solve big data problems. We are able to combine structured and unstructured data to deliver unparalleled insights for business. We understand the challenges faced when accessing text-heavy data from sources that lack an identifiable structure.

We have implemented big data solutions that are capable of indexing and crawling multiple data repositories across different technologies. We work with our clients to manage the heavy lifting of big data solution design. We detail and analyse data, leverage and develop technology, and implement the means to answer your big data questions.

We view big data as a tool for the invention of advanced technology products. When data is a medium rather than an obstacle your project creates more than solutions — it builds value for your business and clients.


Case Study - Victorian Fire Services

Case Study - Victoria University