About Immersive

Immersive is a talented group of technology, design and product experts. We draw on specialist knowledge and diverse backgrounds from all over the world to deliver exceptional solutions to clients.

Our team of 35 local staff can expand to meet the demands of any project by linking with top technology and creative professionals, globally recognised experts and dedicated offshore teams.

History and Process

Immersive has provided solutions to businesses through the development of technology and software for nearly two decades. In that time, we have garnered a reputation for making innovative ideas practical, powerful and realised.

Our process combines acumen, aptitude and creativity to actualise client goals. We gain a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives and work with you towards the development and delivery of compelling solutions. We are driven to utilise fresh thinking and technical mastery to unlock commercial potential beyond what may have been previously conceived.

We work across a wide range of industries and business sizes, from small teams to private organisations and beyond to government agencies and multinational corporations. We support start-ups and the new technology they seek to create, providing flexibility and the capacity to go beyond software development to craft strategies that transform businesses and market expectations.

We believe undefined opportunities hold boundless potential. Solutions built on a foundation of ingenuity and technical expertise reimagine markets and drive growth for your business. We don't harness technology — we create it.

About the Founder

Evan Harridge is a pioneer of big data technology in Australia. With a multidisciplinary background and 25 years of development experience, Evan is often called upon to help businesses make sense of technological advances.

As Immersive’s founder and leader, Evan is dedicated to inventing solutions out of data. His creative, commercial and practical application of technology-based innovation is supported by the excellence of the Immersive team.